Ten steps to sell your property in India

Selling a property is not a very complicated issue, although it requires four to six months on an average to complete the whole procedure. It may take more than a year to sell a property in a low demand area. If you want to sell your property, maybe this is a suitable time. Selling a property is time taking and long process even in a healthy market. However, in the current Indian scenario, you will be able to sell your property if you keep the right price. Try to follow the ten steps discussed below which will help you to sell your property in the current Indian market.

  1. Current market trend—

To sale your property, you need to understand the market trend and which will help you to quote a fair price for your property. Understanding of current market trends will help you to find out the buyer’s primary requirements.

  • Legal documents of your property—

Before starting the process of selling a property, all the legal documents related to the property should be collected and checked properly and deed should be prepared to avoid the last-minute hassle. 

  • Fair pricing—

Determining the right price is the most important factor in selling a property because it depends on how much you will be able to sell your property. The price depends on the condition of your property, location, etc. So, analyze them properly and then fix the proper price.  

  • Clear dues—

Before starting the selling process, you have to make sure that all dues like maintenance bill, property tax, electricity bill are cleared till date.

  • Choose the right advisor–

If you would like to take help from a real estate advisor to sell your property, make sure that they will understand your requirements and check their past record before appointing. It is advisable that a local advisor can help you in a better way to sell your property. 

  • Online marketing—

Online marketing can be beneficial for selling property in India. You can use various online platforms where you can upload relevant photos of the interior and exterior of your property, give proper description about location, price, etc. A genuine buyer can see a property according to his or her requirements online. Online advertisement is the easiest way to connect the seller and buyer in the modern area.

  • Offline marketing—

Another method of selling properties is offline marketing through which you can get genuine buyers. Different types of offline marketing like leafletting, newspaper advertising, an announcement in the local area and so on. Offline marketing allows many buyers to know about your property selling business.   

  • Choose a broker—

You can select someone who works as an intermediate between a buyer and a seller. You can take help from a broker to get buyers for your property but you should not depend on him entirely. You should be conscious before taking help from a broker.

  • Emotional touch—

Usually, a property seller has some memories with his or her property. The entire idea is to market all emotions through personal and emotional touch depending on the person who will buy the property. 

  1. Finalize selling time & date—

The last step of the process is to finalize the date and time of property sale.


Property selling is a technique. Before selling a property, you should understand some of the critical marketing tips. However, that does not mean that you will cheat or mislead the buyer. The above steps describe how effectively you can sell your property.  

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