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Top 10 Tips to Learn about Housing Society Management Software in West Bengal and Kolkata

Today, we witness many types of disputes in the Housing Society relating to accounting, maintenance, taxes, expenses of the Society, budgets of the society and so on. The Housing Society forms a committee to look into these matters. The committee of the Housing Society is liable to maintain the society and resolve any types of disputes which hamper the members of the society. The committee should work for the interest of the members of the Housing Society. These days it has become tough to handle all the matters of the Housing Society. So, the committee of the Housing Society along with its members have adopted a new platform or management to tackle or handle some of the works or functions of the Housing Society. Nowadays, the Housing Societies are adopting the housing society management software to deal with its works like maintenance, accounting, taxes, and expenses and so on. These types of software help Societies to run their societies well and smoothly. These housing society software decreases the burden of functioning as well as the maintenance of the society to run smoothly. There are many types of software in India to deal with the matters of the Housing Society. Housing Society management software in West Bengal and Kolkata is specific to the requirement of apartment associations and co-operative housing societies in the State.

Advantages of Housing Society Software:

  1. It decreases the burden of work of the society.
  2. It helps in running a society smoothly.
  3. It solves many disputes in the housing society.
  4. It provides an easy platform to deal with the functions of the housing society.
  5. It provides details of the members of the society, unit owned by them and so on.
  6. It provides details of the tenants of society.
  7. It maintains most of the work of society efficiently.

Few reasons why we should adopt Housing Society Management Software:

  1. Managing the Complex data of the Housing society – Housing Societies use manual books to keep records of the activities, accounting and maintenance of the society but this takes time and sometimes it becomes error also. They also maintain many registers to keep records of each and every activity. Housing Society management software in West Bengal and Kolkata helps to avoid these problems.
  2. Communication – This software provides a platform to communicate with each of the members of the society.
  3. Transparent Administration: This software manages the administration of the Housing Society. This software provides transparent administration to society.
  4. Best use of facilities – This software reminds you of the facilities the society offers you. You can check what the facilities your society gives you. You can best use your facilities.
  5. Increasing income – It reminds the members about their maintenance dues and other dues and also about the payments to be made from time to time. It saves you from becoming a defaulter in payments and saves your money. When you maintain your property well, one day you may earn a good amount from it also.
  6. There arise many problems in the society, for example, leaking of the water pipe and other issues and these issues need to be solved very fast since these things are the basic need of the people. So, this software helps the members to get connected with the proper department on time.
  7. Security – This software provides security to the members of the society. This software is also installed on the main entrance of the society to check the visitors and other member check-ins and check-outs.
  8. Expenses and Budgeting – The expenses and Budgeting of the society are also provided by this software.
  9. Resident’s Corner – Residents are the backbone of the society and they pay their hard-earned money to the society for the betterment of the society. So, they have the authority to see how their funds are used for the betterment of society.
  10. Salary calculations of the Staffs – Housing Society management software in West Bengal and Kolkata also provide another option that is the salary calculation of the staffs of the society those who are working in the society such as security guard, watchman and so on.

Today, we got a large population and to control them and their activities in the Housing Society we need to use this software to reduce our burden of work.


We have put great effort to write this article just to let you aware that we have advanced technologies to handle our activities. Now, we don’t have to worry about the burden of works we have in the Housing society because Housing Society management software in West Bengal and Kolkata provides us with all the necessary options to handle our activities and work.

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