Property Valuation Online in West Bengal

10 Easy Steps to Receive Online Property Valuation in West Bengal and Kolkata

What is Online Property Valuation?

You must have witnessed or learnt that there was no online property valuation system prior to 2018-19 in West Bengal. Earlier, when people wanted to know the value of their property, they approached the competent authority or an expert to find the value of the property and this process of getting a valuation of the property took all day or even days or weeks to be completed through offline methods. However, currently the government of West Bengal has introduced a new platform to provide you with online services to get property valuations done through online methods. Now, you can get the valuation of your property in West Bengal sitting at home using the government’s online platform. This online property valuation method has been implemented due to advancements in technology. The West Bengal website for the valuation of the property provides you with different options to get the valuation. The name of the website where you can get online property valuation in West Bengal is “”.

Steps to follow for the Valuation of Land:

  1. The first step is to browse the “”.
  2. When this website opens, you will get many options on the website such as valuation of land, registration of land and so on but you just need to click on the “market value of land” and then this option will open and you will get a drop-down list which says to fill the details such as –
  3.  District
  4. Thana
  5. Local Body
  6. Mouza
  7. Road
  8. Road Zone
  9. Premises Number
  10. Ward Number
  11. Jurisdiction of
  12. Local Body Name
  13. After filling up the above details, one should put the below-mentioned details:
  14. Plot Number and
  15. Khatian Number
  16. Next step as follows:
  17. Proposed Land Use
  18. Nature of Land
  19. Area of Land
  20. Is the property on Road?
  21. Adjacent to Metal Road
  22. Litigated Property
  23. This step says to “type the characters shown”
  24. This is the last step after typing the characters. It provides an option called “Display Market Value” and clicking on this option will show you the market value of the property in the left corner below.

So, you have to follow the steps given above to get the valuation of a land. These days it has become very easy for you to get the valuation of a land. The ease of receiving valuation of a land online in West Bengal today can be achieved due to the advancements in technology and efficiency of the West Bengal government in implementing such online initiatives.

Market Value of Land with Structure:

It is a little bit different from a land valuation. This is also provided under the “”.

Steps to follow to get the Valuation of Land with Structure:

  1. Just follow the same steps as given above for land valuation then after filling up the details, you will get an option “Proceed for Structure Entry” just click on the option. Now, you will get a drop-down list asking you to fill up the details such as –
  2. Select Structure type
  3. Total Area Of Floor
  4. Set Forth Value
  5. Total No. Of Floors
  6. No. Of Shops in the Building
  7. Date of Completion of Structure
  8. Amount of Decorative Charges
  9. The last step is that after filling up the above details it will show another option “Generate Market Value” then just click on it to get the valuation of the property.

Here, you should remember that to get the valuation of a land and structure, you have to follow the necessary steps as mentioned above. These online opportunities has helped the public a lot because in the past, it was difficult to get the valuation of a land with structure.


The above discussion can be helpful to guide you about the processes involved in online valuation of the property in West Bengal and Kolkata. We have put great effort to gather information on the online valuation of the property for your easy help. Anyone can use the “” West Bengal government website to find online property valuation in West Bengal. If you need further help, you may comment below or contact here.

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