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How to Search Property Details Online in West Bengal and Kolkata

The online platform of West Bengal has provided people to get details of their property in a very easy way. Our government has taken initiative to protect our property in many ways and also trying to provide services in very few minutes or hours. Our government had no online services relating to the property a few years back but now due to the advancement of the technology our government is providing different services including property services. When we had no online platform to deal with these types of matters relating to a property, we used to run to the different government offices to get the work done. Due to this reason, we used to waste the whole day behind this work but now we can get our work done in a few minutes. Our state government has different websites to provide different services to us and these websites or services are directly controlled by the state government. Our government has also provided options to check the status of the work or service online.

Advantages of getting online property details:

  1. It is a very easy way to get property details.
  2. It saves time because offline works consume the whole day to get the work done.
  3. It provides proper knowledge about the property.
  4. We can avail the services for the whole day but offline services are time-limited.
  5. It works much faster than offline services.
  6. It provides the status of the service or work and so on.

We can get the property details on the “” website which is governed by our state government that is West Bengal. We should also remember that to get the services on “”, we have to create login id but there are few services which we can take advantage of it without login id.

Steps to follow to get or search the Property Details:

  1. At first search “” on the browser.
  2. Now, the website “” opens then create login id to get the services. Just click on the sign-up option which is given on the top of the website and fill in the details and submit then you will you get a login id. This login id can be used to get any services mentioned on the website “”. (But to get property details, we do not require such login id).
  3. The third step is to click on the “Know Your Property” option. A property details format will appear after clicking the “Know Your Property”.
  4. Then fill up the details to search or get the property details.
  5. The last step is to click on the submit option after filling the details.
  6. Now, you will get the property details which will appear on the screen of your computer or laptop.

You will need the following Details to search or get the Property Details:

  1. You need Mouza identification and these include as follows:
  2. District ( find it from the list given)
  3. Block (find it from the given list)
  4. Mouza ( find it from the given list)
  5. Next step consists “Option” and which includes as follows:
  6. Search by Khatian Number or
  7. Search by Plot Number

We can search the property details by Khatian number or Plot number. Just follow the steps mentioned above to search the property details.

So, we need the above-mentioned documents or details to search for property details in West Bengal otherwise the above-mentioned website will not provide us the details of the property we are searching for. It has become very very easy for us to get the property details through this website. The above-mentioned website protects us from many disputes and harassment which we face normally in the government offices to get our work done. Our government is trying to provide us the best possible services to us through different modes.

Format of Khatian and Plot Information (Property Details):


The above body explains all the necessary steps to search property details online. So, anyone can follow the above steps to search the property details online but they require the above-mentioned information to search the details. If anyone doesn’t know to use the above-mentioned website then they can also approach for help to an expert who deals with these matters.

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