Urban Land Ceiling West Bengal

Land Reforms vis-a-vis Urban Land Ceiling Act and its Connotations in West Bengal

Land continues to be of growing importance in today’s age of technology and development and the essence of land is etched deep within the history of India.

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Thika Tenancy Lawyer

Deconstructing West Bengal Thika Tenancy

History of West Bengal Thika Tenancy

In 1949, the State of West Bengal enacted the Calcutta Thika Tenancy Act, 1949 with effect from 28th February, 1949 for better provisions relating to the law of landlord and tenant in respect of thika tenancies in Calcutta.

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Stamp Paper Validity

Understanding Stamp Paper Validity in India

The basic purpose of Indian Stamp Act, 1899 is to raise revenue for the Government of India. However, over a period of time, the stamped document has obtained so much value that a ‘stamped document’ is considered much more authentic and reliable than an un-stamped document.

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