property taxes

Property Taxes

After you buy or inherit a property, it is not the end of the legal steps and you need to immediately apply for mutation for property taxes. In West Bengal & Kolkata, mutation of property for paying taxes is an important step and you must avail services from an experienced property lawyer. Mutation of the property from the previous owner to the present or mutation, in general, requires paying the pending tax bills before initiating the mutation process. At Advocate Chenoy Ceil, you will receive all the guidance in mutating your property in your name and paying taxes regularly.

Property Mutation and Its Implications on Taxes

Property tax is one of the primary sources of income for the government. The assets that are owned by individuals or corporations are taxable, and the annual amount paid is the property tax. Taxes in India can either be paid to the local state government, known as the municipality tax, or to other local governmental boards. Property in this context implies all tangible real estate that exists within the state. In West Bengal, property tax is paid on the real property, which includes land and any form of improvements made on the land. Mutation of the property is an important step that can be completed by an experienced property lawyer in West Bengal once you have purchased or inherited the property.

Property Mutation Help with Property Lawyer

If you are looking to buy or sell property, you should also be aware of the taxes involved. Property tax calculation in India is a complicated process and you should only consult one of the best property lawyers who have experience in mutation processing in Kolkata and West Bengal. For help with mutation in Salt Lake, Kalyani, Newtown, or any other localities within West Bengal, it is recommended to consult an experienced property lawyer like Advocate Chenoy Ceil.

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