Consumer Law

Deconstructing the Right to Education Act, 2009 and Child-Labour in India

Today, with thriving population in India, there are millions of children living on the streets, unattended, uncared for and with practically no future at all. Under prevailing political, social and economic situation in India, there’s little doubt that the percentage of children living on the streets and working as bonded labourers would manifold increase with […]

Corporate Law

Validity and Legal Enforceability of Side Letters in India

Side Letters in India Side letters are commonly entered into by parties in commercial transactions. Side letters are ancillary to the main documents and parties generally enter into side letters to the main subject matter of the agreement. Side letters also help parties to finalize contingent terms that are yet to be decided or when […]

Criminal Law

Criminal Action after 5 Years and Bar of Section 468 Cr.P.C.

Criminal Complaint after 5 years has lapsed and whether the bar under Section 468 of Cr. P C, 1973 will be applicable in initiating criminal action in the above mentioned case. Limitation prescribed under Section 468 of Cr.P.C. applies to only non-serious cases where the imprisonment term does not exceed three years. The section 468 […]

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Stamp Paper Validity

The basic purpose of Indian Stamp Act, 1899 is to raise revenue to Government. However, over a period of time, the stamped document has obtained so much value that a ‘stamped document’ is considered much more authentic and reliable than an un-stamped document. Power of Parliament in respect of stamp duty – Parliament can make […]