5 Steps to File Property Taxes Online in West Bengal and Kolkata

A property tax is an amount which is paid to the Municipal Corporation or Municipality or Panchayat or to any Local Government for the property that you own. The owner of a property pays property tax to the local government. The owner pays tax for his land, house, and water and so on. These taxes are used for the public at large. Local Governments use the tax to maintain roads, paying salary to the staff, maintenance of water supply and so on. It is our duty to pay tax to the government for the services we get from the government. These taxes are collected half-yearly or annually by the government and we should pay this tax on time without creating any disturbances to let the government function well for the society. 

There are some instances where people default in paying taxes and so our government has formulated a fine system or punishments for them to recover the amount after giving them reasonable time to pay the amount in time. We know that to run a family we need the money and so to run a society or country, the government needs money and this money is collected from the people by way of tax to perform its functions smoothly. In the earlier days we have seen that people wasted much of his or her time to pay tax but today due to our advancement in the world of technology, our government has launched a website known as “holdingtax.co.in” and using this website we can pay our tax sitting at home or from anywhere. This website provides you with different options to pay our tax sitting at home or anywhere. We should make good use of it.

Advantages of paying taxes:

  1. When the owner pays the tax for his property, he is safe from certain problems and not only this but he also enjoys different benefits after paying taxes.
  2. It helps the tax payer to know the terms and conditions of the property tax.
  3. Paying property tax on time keeps the true value of the property.
  4. Paying property tax has low administration costs but paying other taxes may result in high administration costs. The cost of paper works for paying property tax is lower than cost of paper works for paying other taxes.
  5. Any owner of a property can predict the property tax income.
  6. An owner who wants to pay tax can get information about the payment process and also about their usage.
  7. It saves time that is tax can be paid in less time sitting at home or anywhere using the above mentioned website of the government.
  8. It is easy to use and also provides provisions for deduction of taxes.

Reasons to pay taxes:

  1. Sometimes it is found that those who pay the tax on time, they get a discount on their tax.
  2. Government uses this tax to run the economical, social and infrastructural services and so on.
  3. It is also seen that when anyone purchases a house, he or she can claim tax deduction approaching to the tax department under section 80C of the Income Tax Act.
  4. People try to escape penalty so, it is required to pay tax on time. If anyone fails to pay the tax on time and makes default in making the payment of tax then they are liable to pay fine or follow the guidelines of the Income Tax Department to recover the damages.

Steps to follow to file Property tax online:

  1. At first browse the “holdingtax.co.in” then when it opens, click on the “Property Tax Online”.
  2. Now, a box will appear on the screen asking to fill up the details suc as –
  3. District
  4. ULB
  5. Ward
  6. Location
  7. Holding Number
  8. This step tells you to “Proceed” then click on this option and you will get another list which provides three options such as – Citizen Profiles, Property Tax Collection and Last 5 Payments
  9. You don’t have to put any details; you will get the property tax details under the “Property Tax Collection” option.
  10. Now, click on the “Proceed” option which is given under “Property Tax Collection” option and you will get the tax details.
  11. Then, move to “Last 5 Payments” Option and you will get a “Print Receipt” option, click on it and get the receipt of your property tax.

From the above discussion, all the steps to file property taxes online in West Bengal and Kolkata can be understood. Along with the formats and steps provided above, you can easily follow the same to file your property tax online in West Bengal and Kolkata. Anyone can follow the above-mentioned steps to file a property tax online in West Bengal using the website specified above. This article is written in a very simple manner to help you understand the value of this government website which provides you the best services without any delay or disturbances. A property tax is imposed by a local government that is by Municipality or Municipal Corporation or Panchayats. These bodies play a vital role in collecting taxes to run the society smoothly and efficiently. These bodies use all their means to provide services to the people at large and you should take all steps to ensure payment of property taxes on time.


The above discussion gives you immense knowledge about the online filling of property taxes in West Bengal and Kolkata. We have seen that many people face problems regarding paying their taxes but now they can use the West Bengal Government’s website to file their property tax online. If even now anyone faces problems then they can get help from an expert to get their work done. To learn more you can comment below or contact here.

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