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10 Steps to Online Land or Property Mutation in West Bengal and Kolkata

Online Property Mutation in West Bengal

We have often heard about mutation but what does it mean? A mutation is a change of title ownership from an individual or person to another individual or person when a property is transferred or sold. After mutation, the new owner gets the right and title of the property or land and his name is recorded as the owner of the property in the Land Revenue Department of West Bengal. When the mutation of the property or land is completed, the government of West Bengal collects taxes from the new owner of the property or land. For online mutation in West Bengal, you must consult one of the best property lawyers in West Bengal who has experience dealing in such matters.

Types of Mutation in West Bengal:

  1. Sale Deed or Gift Deed – It says that property can be transferred by sale or gift. It means to say that ownership is transferred by sale or gift and mutation is created under this head to change the title of the ownership.
  2. Property Exchange Deed – Here, the exchange of properties is done from one owner to another owner. This says that one can transfer your properties to another person in exchange for their property.
  3. An inheritance or Will deed: Here, it says that the transfer of property is made to the persons or individuals who are genetically related to each other or have blood relation with each other.

Importance of Online Mutation in West Bengal:

It is necessary and important to make mutation for properties and lands which are sold or transferred from one person to another person. For more help, you may consult the best property lawyer in West Bengal who can guide you through the entire process. So, some of the important points of mutation are given below:

  1. If any owner of the property wants to sell his or her property then he or she has to provide his or her mutation certificate to the buyer or purchaser for verification of the property.
  2. When the mutation is done, the new owner gets revenue records in his or her name.
  3. Mutation certificate is used to provide proof of ownership of particular land or property.
  4. Mutation certificate is required to fix the tax liabilities relating to the property.
  5. It should be remembered that if the property is jointly enjoyed then the mutation certificate must hold the entire co-owners name.
  6.  If any problems or disputes arise then mutation certificate will serve as legal and valid evidence.

Competent Authority who deals with Mutation:

Any person who wants to make mutation certificate should approach to the Revenue Inspector and submit the application form to him at the Gram Panchayat level and at the Panchayat Samiti level, they should approach to the Block Land and Land Reforms Officer or can approach to the District Magistrate at the district or block level.

Documents Required for Mutation:

  1. Application for mutation along with a stamp affixed to it
  2. Sale Deed
  3. Registration Deed ( You need both previous and current deeds)
  4. Receipt of property tax payment which must be up-to-date
  5. Affidavit on stamp paper of particular value
  6. Aadhar card
  7. Ration Card

Documents required for a mutation in case of Will or Inheritance:

  1. Death Certificate
  2. Copy of Succession Certificate
  3. Affidavit on Stamp Paper
  4. Receipt of up-to-date Property Tax Payment in case of Power of Attorney
  5. Copy of Power of Attorney
  6. Application for mutation along with a stamp affixed to it.
  7. Sale Deed
  8. Registration Deed ( You need both previous and current deeds)
  9. Affidavit on stamp paper of particular value
  10. Aadhar card
  11. Ration Card
  12. Receipt of Current property Tax Payment

Mutation Fees in West Bengal:

Sl.No.Classification of land or propertyRural AreaMunicipal Area other than KMDAMunicipal Area within KMDA
1.Agricultural LandRs. 40Rs. 60Rs. 80
2.Non-agricultural Land or Non-commercial LandRs. 100Rs. 150Rs. 200
3.Commercial Land and Industrial LandRs. 500 per decimal where an area is up to 10 decimals and Rs. 1,000 per decimal where an area exceeds 10 decimals.Rs. 1,500 per decimal where the area is up to 10 decimals and Rs. 3,000 per decimal where an area exceeds 10 decimals.Rs. 5,000 per decimal where the area is up to 10 decimals and Rs. 10,000 per decimal where an area exceeds 10 decimals.

Procedures for OnlineProperty Mutation in West Bengal:

  1. The first step says that if you want to make mutation application then browse the official website of Land and Land Reforms and the Refugee Relief and Rehabilitation Department.
  2. Now, click on the “Mutation Application” option which is provided under “Online Application”.
  3. The Mutation Application form will appear on the screen.
  4. The applicant has to fill up the details as mentioned in the form such as –
  5. Details of Applicant
  6. Details of Transferor
  7. List of Enclosures
  8. Now, upload the necessary documents
  9. Now you have to upload the important documents such as legal heirs, registered deed, and chain deed and so on.
  10. Now you have to pay the required fees for the mutation application. It should be remembered that if the payment is made through “online mode” such as Net banking or Debit Card of GRIPS then your mutation case number will be immediately registered or if the Payment is made through “Counter Payment” option of GRIPS then you have to verify your payment and register your case through an application.
  11. After paying the required mutation fees or charges just click on the submit option. The mutation application will be forwarded to the competent authority via the online platform.
  12. Now, the applicant will get the acknowledgement slip and the applicant will also get the Mutation Registration Number which he or she has to remember it for future use.
  13. Now, the competent authority will look into the mutation application and they will verify it and then they will provide a mutation order.
  14. Now you can check the mutation status online from the Banglarbhumi website of the state government that is West Bengal. The applicant has to provide some details to check the status of the mutation such as –
  15. District
  16. Mouza
  17. Block
  18. Mutation Case Number

After providing these above details you can check the status of the mutation.

Now you can download the mutation document from the Banglarbhumi website just click on the “Applicant Receipt/Reprint which is given under “Service Delivery” option then select the “Request Type” and put the “Application Number” and then click on “Next” option and you will get the mutation document.

Application Format for Online Mutation in West Bengal:


This is an article which will help you to get all the information about mutation along with procedures for online registration of the mutation. If we talk about a few years ago then we should say that people of West Bengal had no opportunities to register their mutation online but today because of the advancement of the state, we are enjoying a better platform to deal with our mutation. The platform which is mentioned above made our jobs easy. A mutation is a compulsory document since it transfers or changes the title ownership of the property. So, one should consult with an expert to get their mutation certificate from the government office. You should seek professional legal help for any legal procedures due to the high stakes and risks involved. For professional legal help, contact [email protected], leave a comment below or contact here.

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