Unfair Practices of Builders

What are the Remedies Against Unfair Practices of Builders and Real Estate Developers in Kolkata

Today, the unfair practices of builders and real estate developers in Kolkata and West Bengal is a very common phenomenon.

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Property Lawyer West Bengal

How Delivery of Property Takes Place in West Bengal

The act of delivering or transferring a deed or yielding possession or control of something to another is known as delivery of property.

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Will Drafting West Bengal

Differences Between Power of Attorney and Will in India

Differences between Power of Attorney and Will

A Power of Attorney is used for various purposes including transfer of rights in properties during the lifetime but a Will becomes effective only after the demise of the person. The differences between Power of Attorney and a Will stems from the characteristics of these documents and the rights devolved through them.

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Gift Deed West Bengal

Cancellation of Gift Deed and its Procedure

There are many ways to transfer property from the owner (donor) to the donee such as by gift, will or sale deed. The common process to transfer the property to the family members is by way of the gift deed. However, there are also ways of cancellation of gift deed.

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